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What does Social Value mean to you? Social Value has taken many different names and headings over the years and for many businesses has been an opportunity to boost their marketing and public relations. However, if businesses, and especially those in our sector, consider the impact they have on society and the environment and commit to being a force of good wholeheartedly and with purpose, it can be life changing. What has been your highlight or stand out initiative of the year? We’ve done some stellar work this last year: from launching the Dual Career Pathway with Hull City Ladies and fundraising for CRASH, to our T Level programme and the community work across our projects. But for me, personally,

What does Social Value mean to you? Social Value is an intrinsic part of our purpose ‘to help everyone live, learn and thrive in amazing spaces’ and our belief that we can positively impact our people, our business, our clients, their customers and the communities that we live and work in by the way that we go about our work. On a personal level I believe that we can and should do more to help those who haven’t had a fair or good start in life, have fallen on hard times, or made mistakes along the way by providing meaningful opportunities for them. This is particularly important in construction because as an industry we face an existential skills shortage and need to find ways of inspiring people from all walks of life into rewarding and sustainable careers.

Paul Ruddick, Chairman

Matt Bennion, CEO

What has been your highlight or stand out initiative of the year? I have loved seeing the diversity of work that so many of our team have instigated and the passion that they have shown when giving their time, sharing their knowledge or pushing themselves physically to help others. This year we have focussed on creating meaningful pathways into our industry for people from very diverse backgrounds, this has included school leavers, young female football players, Veterans and people with convictions to name a few. I particularly enjoyed seeing the joy that Greg and Orla felt when they came back from a careers advice session with Year 11 students hosted by the Construction Youth Trust, and like the students that they spoke to, they were literally buzzing. This just goes to show the mutual benefits of wider social engagement.

gaining the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award was a real highlight. Supporting the Armed Forces is profoundly significant for Reds10 and deeply ingrained in our DNA. This commitment extends across our projects, where the Armed Forces are a valued client and partner, and it is woven into the very fabric of our company, with an increasing number of our team members being proud Armed Forces Veterans and Reservists. It was a proud moment to demonstrate our commitment to their support in this way. What would like to see Reds10 achieve in the future? Our successes last year serve as proof of the tangible impact that can be made when we all work towards a common goal. We have left a positive mark on the communities in which we’ve worked, provided meaningful career pathways into the industry we love, and brought our team together through a sense of unity and shared purpose. I would love to see our efforts inspire others within our industry to join us in creating a future where people can live, learn and thrive for generations to come.

What would like to see Reds10 achieve in the future? I am determined that Reds10 will lead the way in the creation and delivery of transformational pathways into construction that reshape the workforce.



£7,486,670 Social Value Created (calculated using the National TOMs) Key Figures *

Living Our Purpose We exist to help everyone live, learn and thrive in amazing spaces Our motivation and impact goes beyond projects. We are passionate about doing things that positively impact our people, our business, our clients and their customers and communities that we live and work in. As we embark on the new year, it is time to reflect on the impactful initiatives and collaborations that have been achieved in the year past, and to look ahead to our goals for the months ahead. At Reds10, we believe in the power of purpose-driven partnerships and meaningful engagements that extend beyond traditional business boundaries. Our focus this year has been to create genuine pathways to encourage new routes to entry for our industry. In this report, we spotlight our endeavours alongside our charity and community partners, our commitment to supporting the Armed Forces Community, and our dedication to empowering young people to become the future of our industry.

New jobs created

Hours volunteered for charity, fundraising and community work

Amount raised & donated to Charity & Community Projects

This year we have supported:

Apprentices T Levels and Trainees supported

Veterans and Reservists employed

Created in Social Value through SME’s



* not including spend with SME’s

“ “

Inspiring The Next Generation: The Future of our Industry

Since working with Reds10 I have been given the opportunity to explore many different departments within an industry I had no experience with. I have found it an eye-opening experience from day one having the opportunity to work with all departments, from marketing to project management and more. Working with Reds10 has helped develop my career, and my skills; presentation skills in particular. By giving me the chance to practice and pitch to members of the team, including senior leadership (and even the CEO) I now more confident with public speaking, and presenting my ideas to others. Working with Reds10 has truly been an enlightening experience. Zakariya Siddiqui, T Level Student 2023

All of our student engagement comes back to the same goal; to ignite inspiration among students about their potential within our industry Investing in the next generation of our industry is of paramount importance to us. We have been driven over the last year to develop and strengthen our career pathways, one of which is a pathway from education to industry. T Levels This was launched by the Government in September 2020, T Levels are a new two-year course broadly equivalent to three A levels. Reds10, an early adopter of the programme, hosted its first T Level students in 2022. Our tailored T Level Programme involves students rotating through multiple departments across the company to expose them to a multitude of business areas. Each student is also set practical objectives for their placement and has access to a dedicated mentor.

Reds10 has turned my theoretical studies of the construction industry into tangible real-life experience. From assisting bid writing to calculating a tender price index, my placement has brought me comfort in confirming that this is the right industry for me. My most challenging days were with the design team as I was completely new to Revit

and all its tools, but I am now equipped with a basic understanding of 3D modelling. My favourite parts of Reds10 so far, was working under an Opportunity Lead and the commercial team, this is due to

In the 2023/24 period, Reds10 welcomed 10 T Level Students into our fold. Last year, six successfully concluded their placements, while four newly joined our team in January 2024. Throughout the past year, our Learning and Development Advisor, along with our Social Value Lead, engaged with over 100 students from various colleges in London, advocating for T Levels and conducting educational sessions focusing on modular construction.

them both being unfamiliar departments yet fully captivating my interest to a point where I am now

considering them both as career paths. Lamia Arnold, T Level Student 2024



Inspiring The Next Generation: The Future of our Industry Apprenticeships:

In 2023/24, Reds10 had 18 apprentices across the business, with six successfully graduating in this period . We host students on apprenticeship courses in Carpentry and Joinery, Construction Design and Build Technician, Quantity Surveying, Civil Engineering, Quality Practitioner and more. All our apprentices are well supported with extra study time and mentorship but our Joinery apprentices, however, were finding that their courses were not fit for purpose when taken into the real world – they were not being afforded opportunities to practice the skills required. So, Reds10 created a state-of-the- art joinery workshop, The Apprentice Hub, and hired a full-time dedicated mentor (a fully qualified skilled joiner himself), to allow apprentices to practice and enhance their skills for an extra day each week.

Reds10 have now committed to hosting nine extra apprenticeships at our factory as part of the Dual Career Pathway with Hull City Ladies.

In 1 week

23 Work Placements 10 T Level Students 18 Apprentices

our teams delivered apprenticeship talks to 1200




Inspiring The Next Generation: The Future of our Industry

Student Engagement at Construction Youth Trust: Over the last year, Reds10 have built a strong partnership with Construction Youth Trust, a charity that supports young people in accessing careers in construction and the built environment through connection with employers. Our team have been volunteering with their Barking and Dagenham Team, to deliver careers sessions to students, focusing on different career opportunities in the industry, as well as apprenticeships, CV writing and interview skills. We have already delivered 13 ssessions in 2024, with many more planned for the rest of the year. Partnerships are key to our work at Construction Youth Trust. We seek to enable young people to reach their full career potential by connecting them with employers and opportunities in the construction industry and we can only do this with the support of our network of employer partners. Reds10 has been generous in its support of our work with schools in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham since October 2022. In that time, it has contributed a total of 43 volunteer hours across four coaching programmes and two Building Future Skills programmes with four secondary schools. A total of 223 young people, of which over 40% were female, participated in sessions such as CV Masterclass, Mock Interviews, Applications Masterclass and Presentation Skills, all with the support of industry experts from Reds10. This support has been magnificent, and we are truly grateful to Reds10 for helping us make a difference for these young people. Wendy Heller, Senior Construction Skills Manager Construction Youth Trust “

It’s so rewarding to work with such talented students, seeing their enthusiasm for the construction industry and helping them focus and channel that enthusiasm towards a future career. Volunteering with the Construction Youth Trust is a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience, and an important one, to ensure we are supporting the future generation of our industry. Sam Hook, Opportunity Lead



Hull City Ladies: Breaking Down Barriers

I am so happy to see this opportunity from Reds10, who are fully supporting young women in both football and construction. This is a pioneering initiative and one that I am proud to be a part of.” “We are a long way off equality in football compared to the men’s game, but giving young women these opportunities to make a living in an exciting and interesting career, while their love of football is being supported, is a huge stride forward.” Carol Thomas BEM

Creating a sustainable future for young women by enabling HCLFC players to pursue their footballing dreams while developing a parallel career Since 2022, Reds10 have been Principal and Community Partner to Hull City Ladies FC, running our ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ campaign with the aim to eliminate the obstacles that women face in both construction and football. In April 2023, we announced our 5 year partnership, and we are excited that after just one year we have made great strides. Together with the club, we have opened the Reds10 Development Centre and launched our Dual Careers Pathway. Women’s Dual Career Pathway In November 2023, Reds10 and HCLFC launched our Dual Career Pathway, an initiative set up to provide opportunities for women to pursue careers in both football and construction concurrently. Through the pathway, a candidate can take on an apprenticeship at Reds10, and be supported in her career in football through adaptable hours and enhanced support. The collaboration addresses a significant gap in support and employment opportunities for women aspiring to prioritise football, while requiring a stable career for financial support during training and beyond. In February 2024, Reds10 hosted players from the Under 14s and Under 16s teams at our factory facility in Driffield. The players had a tour of all five factories, presentations from Reds10 team members and an inspiring talk from Carol Thomas BEM, legendary England Captain and pioneer of women’s football as we know it today. With her exceptional contributions to the sport, Carol motivated the players to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of what is achievable in both sports and construction.

Carol Thomas BEM



Hull City Ladies: Breaking Down Barriers

The skills that both construction and football provide a person with are transferable, teaching adaptability, good communication and the ability to work as part of a cohesive team—all attributes that precede success on the pitch as well as on the factory floor or in the boardroom. Jessie Shipley, a player for the reserves at Hull City Ladies and now Quality Manager at Reds10 is a brilliant embodiment of the benefits on the Dual Career Pathway. Jessie joined Reds10 as a Trainee Quality Assurance Officer, following a tour of the factory at the partnership launch. Jessie has been able to continue her pursuit of football, as well as rise through the ranks in the Quality Team, being promoted to Quality Manager in late 2023. Through the Dual Career Pathway, Jessie has been able to thrive in both spheres, without having to compromise.

For women in football, it is not yet possible to rely on the game as a full-time career. Having an employer who not only understands my training schedule but who actively encourages and supports me is invaluable. With flexible working hours, I am able to manage my time so that I don’t feel like either area of my life is suffering. Jessie Shipley, player for HCLFC and Quality Manager for Reds10

Jessie Shipley



The Armed Forces Covenant

The Employer’s Perspective Reds10 is a strong supporter of Armed Forces personnel, both Veterans and serving. It recognises the selfless commitment we make for our country and the skills and capability we bring to the business. We actively recruit Veterans and strongly support anyone that wishes to serve as a Reservist. “There’s a palpable sense of pride in those of our team that are Reservists. The personal skills they learn from their training is reflected in their approach and attitude to their work and lifts the whole team with them; they are becoming leaders and examples for others to emulate.

Supporting the Armed Forces Community, whether that is actively serving personnel, Veterans, or Reservists is of incredible importance to us Our close connection to the military through our work with the Ministry of Defence, as well as our ever- growing Veterans Community within the business drives us to do what we can to support a group that has given so much already in their careers. This year, Reds10 achieved the Silver Award in the Armed Forces Covenant for our support for Reservists and Veterans. Serving as a Reserve is not only incredibly important to our national security, but is of amazing benefit to the individual’s development. The Reservist’s Perspective I feel that the main aspects of training such as being on top of personal admin and making effective decisions at the correct time has allowed me to see my role in Reds10 in a new light. I feel that my overall performance and confidence in the role has increased tenfold.” “The support from Reds10 has had a great impact on my life. Knowing that I am supported in having another commitment apart from Reds10 has greatly increased my mental health, meaning I am still able to enjoy my hobbies outside of my busy schedule. Henry (Reservist)

Col Phil Cook, (Retired) Defence Sector Lead



Helping Homeless Veterans Reds10 have continued our support of Helping Homeless Veterans with sponsorship of two flats in Talbot Mews, providing accommodation and wrap around support for homeless Veterans. A Veteran who was living in one of the Reds10 rooms at Talbot Mews, has recently moved out and started working for Mercedes-AMG PATRONAS Formula 1, an incredible example of why we believe in investing in projects such as these. SAVSIM Reds10 are proud to be an Associate Partner to SAVSIM, a non-profit with a focus on wildlife conservation globally. SAVSIM’s work not only focuses on important conservation, but also supports Veterans and first responders with PTSD and poor mental health. Their approach helps save wildlife whilst supporting Veterans with their transition.

Supporting Our Armed Forces

Buildforce Our partnership with Buildforce is an integral part of our support for Veterans. The transition from military to civilian employment, and life, can be challenging, and often uncertain. Buildforce does incredible work to help people as they navigate this transition. We are proud to support them through mentorship and employment opportunities with us.

Royal British Legion Industries RBLI is a national Veterans charity supporting the Armed Forces, people with disabilities and people who are unemployed. They improve lives every day by inspiring those we help, supporting them to find work and lead independent lives. Reds10 has continued to get behind causes that support Veterans, working with the RBLI to get involved in their fundraising as well as onboarding their VCSE, Britiains Bravest Manufacturing Company, into our supply chain, so that we can continue to support them through procurement as well as fundraising.

Driffield Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club Through our Driffield Community Initiative, we have partnered with the Driffield Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club, sponsoring their coffee mornings for 2024. For our Veterans that are based at our Driffield location, this has been a fantastic opportunity to meet local Veterans, share experiences and become a part of that community.



K10 are the UK’s largest construction and infrastructure-specific Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency (FJAA) and an award-winning social enterprise, accredited by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) and supported by Charities Aid Foundation and Trust for London. K10 have delivered over 3,000 apprenticeships since it’s inception, 62% of their current apprentices are drawn from the BAME community with 88% coming the most deprived areas of London.

Supporting Small, Medium Enterprises Investing in our Industry

The UK has a productivity gap ranging from 23% to 32% when compared to similar economies. Start Ups and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are proven to be more productive, growing and diversifying their businesses, developing new services and innovating faster than other organisations. Working in collaboration with this sector can help to improve productivity and can be a source of innovation and cost and quality improvement. The absence of a fair playing field in procurement and access to growth capital hinder the growth of target organisations in this sector. As a privately owned British company, we strive to invest in British SMEs, promoting growth in the UK.

Apteriors is a multidisciplinary

design studio, with a focus on FF&E design, manufacturing, procurement and installation, Providing a turn-key solution for their clients, they work across educational, commercial, residential and healthcare sectors to deliver functional, practical, and user – centric schemes.

Just 5 years ago, Reds10 was still operating as a SME, employing just 29 people and turning over £15M in 2019. Now in 2024, with a team of over 450 and a turnover of £143M , Reds10 are focused on re-investing funding in Start Ups and SMEs through our supply chain. In the past year, Reds10 supply chain has been made up of over 86% SMEs, and our spend with them has created over £83M in Social Value. Our investment in start-ups over the past year has seen us support new mechanical and electrical company,

Thrive-AI provides an end-to-end solution that puts the client in control of their building, carbon footprint and operating costs. We design, assemble, programme and commission smart building technology to automate building operation and provide real time understanding of your asset performance.

£83M created in Social Value through spend with SMEs

Whether you are a maintenance manager, asset owner or end user, the hassle-free platform prepares clear and tailored actionable insights that drive the reduction of CapEX and OpEX costs, reduce energy use to achieve Net Zero and continue to improve the lived experience.

Enlight10 are a mechanical and electrical (M&E) contractor fulfilling the need for reliable and efficient M&E services in the modular sector. We’re a young and energetic company here to challenge “the way it’s always been done,” and ensuring we are at the forefront of this relatively new industry by

embracing its challenges and technology. Our team of skilled professionals thrive on complex projects, following meticulous processes to ensure M&E excellence and the safest working environment for every single project.

Enlight10, as well as our continuing investment in the SMEs Apteriors (Interior Design and FFE) and Thrive (Smart Buildings Technology) and VCSE, K10 Apprenticeships.



Our Partnership With 5 Year Patronage

We climbed over 4000m of elevation and hiked almost 50km over the two-day challenge. This huge effort was just enough to win the challenge, but arguably more important was the collective fundraising effort in aid of CRASH. Every step taken (and blister plaster replaced) on the climb was made easier knowing that we are doing our bit to help those in need through CRASH’s great work. Tom Hook, Team Captain The team’s fundraising efforts were record breaking for CRASH, raising the most in a single fundraiser for the charity in that year, for which Reds10 were awarded the ‘Above and Beyond’ Award at CRASH’s Corporate Patrons’ Reception.

Tom Hook Operations Manager

Reds10 provided donations and professional expertise totalling £66,109 from April 23 – March 24


In October this year, Reds10 marked its 5-year anniversary of our partnership with CRASH. The charity, committed to helping hospices and homelessness charities with their construction projects, has been at the heart of our community focus, bringing our team together on many occasions to cycle, climb, run and row to raise money.


Across the 5 years, Reds10 has contributed over £260K to CRASH through donations, fundraising and gifts in kind.

In the last year, Reds10 took part in some exciting fundraising challenges, including the Construction Industry Dragon Boat Challenge, Ride

London and the CHX Meet Your Mountain Challenge.

Meet Your Mountain 2023 was a standout effort from our team of climbers, raising a staggering £32,039 . Over two days, a team of 11 climbed in the French Alps, competing to gain the most elevation against their competition.



Our Partnership with CRASH We are so grateful for the commitment and enthusiasm of Reds10 in supporting our work with homelessness charities and hospices. Whether it’s getting practically involved in CRASH construction projects, cycling 100 miles or paddling as fast as they can in a dragon boat – Reds10 care about making a difference.

As a Corporate Patron, Reds10 underpin every project CRASH undertakes, and on behalf of the CRASH team and the people we are here to help, a sincere thank you!

Hannah Miller, Communications and Events Manager, CRASH



Supporting Charities

The last year at Reds10 has been about giving back. The team have been involved in supporting charities, getting stuck into to local community projects and doing their bit for biodiversity and sustainability initiatives Talent Foundry – Vienna to Budapest Cycle Challenge The Talent Foundry is an education charity that works with some of the most underserved schools in the country, helping young people from low-socio-economic backgrounds achieve their full potential. The annual cycle challenge is the charity’s flagship fundraising event, with participants cycling for several days to raise money to tackle the barriers to social mobility. Tom Hook (Operations Manager), Joe Shepherd (Education Sector Lead) and Paul Ruddick (Chairman) joined a group of passionate cyclists to cycle 178 miles in three days, from Vienna to Budapest, to raise money to level the playing field and open doors of opportunity for thousands of young people in underserved communities across the UK. The cyclists followed the Danube River to Slovakia, passing through picturesque farmlands and small villages, before reaching the limestone landscape of the Geresce Mountains and descending into the pearl of the Danube, Budapest.

and many more...

Better Bankside In June 2023, a team of volunteers from our London Office got out in the sun at lunchtime to volunteer with Better Bankside.


The group got stuck

into some gardening at one of Better Bankside’s

Urban Forest sites, pruning, weeding, and mulching until the site was looking good as new.



Reflections From our Social Value Lead

What has been your highlight or stand out initiative of the year? For me, the highlight of the year was hosting the Hull City Ladies players from the U14s and U16s at the factory. Facilitating routes for women to enter the construction industry is incredibly important not just to me but to the success of our industry. I was inspired by the young women that came to visit the factory, and also by Carol Thomas’ incredible career; a story of perseverance. I am delighted that Reds10 are able to offer this opportunity to the aspiring footballers at Hull City Ladies; an opportunity that will no doubt support them in their professional and personal development, as well as give them the security that a dual career provides. I believe it is important to do what we can to change young people’s perceptions of our industry, to show them that there are countless opportunities for them, and to demonstrate that at Reds10 we

I would also like to see Reds10 continue our support for the Armed Forces Community, strengthening our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, for which we will be applying for gold at the end of 2024.

I am proud of the team’s incredible achievements this year, and believe that we can build upon this to make a significant social impact in the months to come.

Olivia Cook, Social Value Lead

are looking to the future rather than clinging to the past. New technologies, new processes and new attitudes make this an exciting place to be, and I am pleased we were able to give them a glimpse of this. What does Social Value mean to you? Social Value is making a conscious effort to do good things for people and places whenever and wherever we can. Successful Social Value delivery, to me is leaving a positive legacy behind, with people and in places. What would like to see Reds10 achieve in the future? I would like to see Reds10’s Social Value offering continue to grow, formalising meaningful career pathways that create access for all to work in the construction industry. This will materialise in the form of our new Release of Temporary Licence Programme (offering roles at our factory facility to prisoners, as well as prison leaver employment to people with convictions), our upcoming Military Career Pathway, and the continued strengthening of our pathways from education to industry.



129‑131 Metal Box Factory, 30 Great Guildford Street, London, SE1 0HS

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